Support payment method change from an Android payment app

Support payment method change from an Android payment app

How to update your Android payment app to support payment method change with Web Payments APIs.

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Shipping and address support in the Payment Request API is removed from the specification and is no longer functional in Android payment apps.

Learn how to implement an Android payment app in advance.

Sometimes the total cost of a transaction increases, such as when the user chooses a payment method that offers discount. When your app provides the user-selected payment method, it should be able to notify the merchant about any changes and show the user the updated payment details (provided by the merchant).


To notify the merchant about new changes use the PaymentDetailsUpdateService service declared in Chrome's AndroidManifest.xml. To use this service create two AIDL files with the following content:


package org.chromium.components.payments;
import android.os.Bundle;

interface IPaymentDetailsUpdateServiceCallback {
oneway void updateWith(in Bundle updatedPaymentDetails);

oneway void paymentDetailsNotUpdated();


package org.chromium.components.payments;
import android.os.Bundle;
import org.chromium.components.payments.IPaymentDetailsUpdateServiceCallback;

interface IPaymentDetailsUpdateService {
oneway void changePaymentMethod(in Bundle paymentHandlerMethodData,
IPaymentDetailsUpdateServiceCallback callback);

Notify the merchant about changes in the user selected payment method #

private fun bind() {
// The action is introduced in Chrome version 92, which supports the service in Chrome
// and other browsers (e.g., WebLayer).
val newIntent = Intent("org.chromium.intent.action.UPDATE_PAYMENT_DETAILS")
if (packageManager.resolveService(newIntent, PackageManager.GET_RESOLVED_FILTER) == null) {
// Fallback to Chrome-only approach.
newIntent.action =
isBound = bindService(newIntent, connection, Context.BIND_AUTO_CREATE)

private val connection = object : ServiceConnection {
override fun onServiceConnected(className: ComponentName, service: IBinder) {
val service = IPaymentDetailsUpdateService.Stub.asInterface(service)
try {
service?.changePaymentMethod(methodData, callback)
} catch (e: RemoteException) {
// Handle the remote exception

The callingPackageName used for the service's start intent can have one of the following values depending on the browser that has initiated the payment request.

Chrome Channel Package Name
Stable ""
Beta ""
Dev ""
Canary ""
Chromium ""
Google Quick Search Box (a WebLayer embedder) ""

changePaymentMethod #

Notifies the merchant about changes in the user-selected payment method. The paymentHandlerMethodData bundle contains methodName and optional details keys both with string values. Chrome will check for a non-empty bundle with a non-empty methodName and send an updatePaymentDetails with one of the following error messages via callback.updateWith if the validation fails.

'Method data required.'
'Method name required.'

Invalid state error message #

If Chrome encounters an invalid state upon receiving any of the change requests it will call callback.updateWith with a redacted updatePaymentDetails bundle. The bundle will only contain the error key with "Invalid state". For example, when Chrome is still waiting for the merchant's response to a previous change (such as an ongoing change event).

Receive updated payment details from the merchant #

private fun unbind() {
if (isBound) {
isBound = false

private val callback: IPaymentDetailsUpdateServiceCallback =
object : IPaymentDetailsUpdateServiceCallback.Stub() {
override fun paymentDetailsNotUpdated() {
// Payment request details have not changed.

override fun updateWith(updatedPaymentDetails: Bundle) {
newPaymentDetails = updatedPaymentDetails

updatePaymentDetails is the bundle equivalent to the PaymentRequestDetailsUpdate WebIDL dictionary (after redacting the modifiers field) and contains the following optional keys:

  • total - A bundle containing currency and value keys, both keys have string values
  • error - A string containing a generic error message (e.g. when
  • stringifiedPaymentMethodErrors - A JSON string representing validation errors for the payment method

An absent key means its value has not changed.

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